Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to Get People to Actually Talk About Abortion

The rhetoric surrounding the abortion issue can and must be simplified. Abortion is not about women's lives. It is not about women's rights. It is not about wonderful abortion providers who give a much needed service to these poor women. It is not about women and their pastors making a decision that is between the woman and God. Abortion is about one question and one question only: "What is the unborn?" Since 97% of abortions done in this country are done on perfectly healthy mothers and perfectly healthy babies, the focus of pro-aborts on "what if abortion is needed to save the mother's life?" is a smokescreen.

If you can remember this one question, you will make headway and be persuasive in every conversation you ever have with any person on this issue. Here's the question, 4 words: "What is the unborn?"

I'd like to illustrate the real issue. If one of my sons walks up behind me and says, "Hey dad, can I kill this?" What will be my next question if I cannot see him? Right... "What is it, son?" Now, if I turn around and he's holding a mosquito, my answer is an emphatic: "Yes, you may kill that." If I turn around and he's got his little brother in a headlock, my answer will be an emphatic: "No, you may not kill that."

I once had lunch with an abortion clinic security guard and he launched into the whole "women's rights...." "women's lives matter..." etc. And I said: "I agree, women's lives matter and women should never be denied their rights. The problem is, that has absolutely nothing to do with abortion. My question to you is: What is the unborn? If the unborn are NOT human beings, then no justification for abortion is necessary. If the unborn ARE human beings, then no justification for abortion is possible."

That was like dropping a nuclear bomb on the table. He had absolutely no response. After a very long silence, I said, "Look, Joe (not his real name), if the unborn are not human beings, then abortion is no different from clipping your fingernails. Now, I don't march around campaigning for people to be 'pro-finger-nail' do I? Why, because fingernails are not human beings. But if the unborn are human beings, then what does that make abortion?"

The fact is, we know more about the pre-born child than any other generation in history. We can look at them in 3-d with ultrasound and we know that it is a human life from the moment of conception forward. Even the pro-aborts do not even attempt to depersonalize the unborn child any longer. They know it is futile to do so.

So, when you discuss this issue with people, remember this question: "What is the unborn?" THAT is what the issue is about. Don't let people distract you from the real issue at hand.

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