Monday, January 7, 2008

We're back in Mississippi!

The Hebrew 1 final went well - whew! Thanks to everyone for praying. I also preached the morning and evening service this past Sunday - after driving back from Cincinnati Saturday. On Sunday night, I was as exhausted as I have ever been. Thankfully, Amy drove a large portion of the way on Saturday. I was able to study Hebrew and work on the two sermons in the car. That 718 miles feelts longer every time we drive it.

I will miss you all, but it is nice to see my friends at the Pearl Presbyterian Church here in Pearl, MS. One of families there, bless them, donated a washer and drying to our cause. Amy had been making trips to the laundromat about once every couple of weeks to wash just enough clothes for us to get by... but when you have kids my kids' ages, well, *lots* of clothes get *really* dirty *really* quickly.

Anyway - I'll try to update this poor blog more often. For those here in the south - it is great to be back! For those up in the north - we'll see you in May!

Here are the kids in their Christmas program at the Pearl church: